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Every brand has slightly different indicators of success. We gauge ours by the growing list of repeat clients, and results that consistently exceed industry standards. We are innovators, we are game-changers, and we take pride in every project we touch. We are Viralget.

Full service influencer marketing.

Designing fully customized influencer campaigns around client’s objective and KPIs via strong influencer experiences rather than ads. Creative strategic approach to answering briefs that go beyond industry norms in order to amplify your brand’s story at scale and break through the cluster. We’ll manage every step of the process; strategy development, influencer curation & validation, negotiation, contracting, management and reporting.

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On Demand IGC

Consistent On-demand influencer generated contents to strengthen your brand’s reputation through creative exposure. We engage nano and micro amplifiers across a 3 to 6 months duration to creating authentic use case generated contents. Our team will develop the approach and manage long term execution. Benefits include a revolving door of fresh content and continuous optimization based on results (A/B testing) – also great for seasonal promotions or limited time offers.

Experimental Influencer Engagement

Establishing market longevity by connecting with your target market through sensory-driven strategies designed to immerse your audience in your brand to drive association and long-term consumer relationships.
ViralGet will forge and foster these connections from ideation to implementation, our team of strategists will develop campaigns that connect with your target audience and utilize influencers to drive engagement and enhance credibility

Strategic Content Amplification

Do you already have strategy, execution resources & creative in place? And all you need is to get them in front of as many audiences as possible leveraging the unique voice of amplifiers to make lots of noise about it, while also guarantee unique reach and visibilities?
Our team will develop an amplifiers only amplification strategy and curate brand-fit, hand-vetted amplifiers & influencer using an array of factors and have them deliver your content to mass audience.

Twitter Trends

With our data, we have an insight into the habits & behavior of online users with regards influencers content consumption –this, in addition to an understanding of influencers online personalities from extensive experience working closely with them gives us an insight as to what type of content they consume. This ultimately helps us create organic twitter conversations and get people talking. This way you’re not just trending, your campaign experiences real talkability.

WhatsApp amplification

WhatsApp amplification offers a Direct-To-Customer approach to IM, using WhatsApp amplifiers to share contents on their status (generating as high as 4,000 status views each) with the primary aim of helping businesses reach more audiences. This is immensely effective, as products, goods & services are placed directly within the convenient reach of the target audience, with a compelling ‘call to action’ to generate unique reach, boost visibility and drive actions.

We offer this to increase engagement as WhatsApp has a high user engagement.

Brand Ambassadorship

Choosing someone to represent your brand and the public social face. We’ll help identify the ideal candidate, someone who's a tastemaker in their community, can represent your brand’s vision positively, and can convey your message to the target market.

Our team will ensure this is someone who reflects on your brands marketing prospects and through custom-made plans use already established networks and relationships to market the brand and represent you at specific events and audience engagements.

Talent Booking

Whether it’s TV Commercials, Guest Appearances, Tradeshow Popups, Photo Shoots, Travel Experiences, Product Demonstrations, Speaking Engagements, Grand Opening Events, Movie Premieres etc. ViralGet Strategy conceptualize, plan, book and manage talents on your behalf.

ViralGet Strategy conceptualize, plan, book and manage talents on your behalf.

Celebrity Endorsement

Using well-respected, high-profile, popular names to endorse your products or services is a relatively simple, but hugely effective marketing strategy.

We understand the power of celebrity endorsement, so we seek-out the right endorsement opportunities, with the best celebrity talent to build brand awareness, influence consumers and turn potential customers into valuable brand advocates.

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